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Tired of paying for digital marketing that doesn’t get results? 

Start your REAL Digital Marketing Experience Now!

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Your success is of the utmost importance to our team because we are passionate about your growth

Digital Difference Makers

Who We Are

We are a team made up of individuals from all different backgrounds and our definite chief aim is to provide information and value, so business can learn and flourish.

What We Do

We collaborate, create, consult, and assist in building a digital strategy that aligns with your business values to drive results. 

Why We Are Different

Value and execution are the core building blocks of our mentality. The foundation of our partner relationships is based upon transparency and integrity. 


Digital Project Management


Managing a business’s digital presence can be overwhelming. With many moving parts and complexities, you may end up talking to many individuals and vendors along the way. You need one point of contact to sift out the noise and unify your digital presence to propel your business forward. Read more about Digital Project Management by clicking below.

Digital Project Management

To remain competitive, it’s essential for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of advertising and marketing. 

Search Engine Marketing / PPC


Broad match modified, search term reports, delivery optimization, smart bidding, and conversion tracking - just a few elements of today’s PPC environment. Similar to a vehicle’s engine, Search Engine Marketing has been around for a while, but it has also changed greatly from its inception. From the days of manual bidding, we now see smart bidding. From the times of a/b testing, we now see responsive ads and machine learning. Similar to complex machinery, you need an operator that will move the right levers at the right moment. Read more on maximizing your return with PPC.

Search Engine Marketing / PPC

Platforms that conduct Search Engine Marketing are most notably Google Ads, Bing Ads, & Yahoo Gemini.

Search Engine Optimization


SEO, the often misunderstood member of the digital marketing family. Many know that it’s needed, but unfortunately, less know how to correctly present, measure, and educate on key concepts of search engine optimization (SEO). When performed correctly, search engine optimization tactics are very impactful for your business as SEO directly improves your website's search engine rankings thus bringing you more customers. Read more on how to create a result-oriented SEO, and learn during the process.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing websites for best engagement and ranking results on search engines. 

Social Media


Social Media management is undeniably crucial for an effective digital marketing strategy. From building brand awareness to generating revenue, enhancing your businesses social media presence is key to delivering a solidified message to your existing and potential customers. Comprehensive strategies include page optimization, paid campaign management, and organic postings. Click below and find out more about custom-developed social media strategies. 

Social Media

Social media's significance has increased exponentially for businesses of all industries.


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Analyzing your business and creating a plan for success

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Starting your REAL Digital Marketing experience and launching campaigns that works for your business


Tom D'Amico

No other partner could justify their services even after six  months with the exception of DDM.

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Mike Brenner

DDM has been an incredible resource who we have come to count on for timely updates and advice

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Steve Shapson

DDM has proven to me that good PPC strategy can increase revenue.

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