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In a time of unlimited information and an abundance of automation, the personal touch is extremely relevant. To remain competitive, it’s essential for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of advertising and marketing. 


The world of digital marketing rapidly evolves daily, and it can be difficult, tedious, and time-consuming to reflect the most recent changes and apply them to your business. How are you going to keep up? It’s not feasible to handle the management of your business AND stress about your digital marketing without a dedicated expert. With DDM's experience and partner relationships, we are here to make the difference for your business.

Which vendor to use?

Which venfor to use?

There are a variety of vendors that proclaim their strategies or software will save you loads of time and increase your business’s ROI (Return on Investment). The way they contact you may be through direct calls, brand retargeting, marketing emails, and clever online or offline tactics, so they can explain how their product is the end all be all solution for your business. 

How will you measure the effectiveness of each tool and vendor?

The Answer: Accountability

Our way to keep vendors accountable is a simple, 3 step process:


An unbiased and trustworthy audit of all your existing vendors and tools.


Qualified research to deem whether the vendor/tool is a correct fit for your business. 


An interpretation of reporting and results while holding that vendor responsible for their true contribution to your business’s ROI. 

Keeping in contact

How do you currently keep in contact with your vendor representatives?


It can be very frustrating when you are not able to reach a point of contact for days or even weeks at a time, especially when you have a very important question critical to your business. Oftentimes, it is found that representatives rotate and change depending on the company’s internal environment. While this occurs, it is difficult to develop a rapport with any one person that you and your business should be able to rely upon. This interferes with the stability and consistency of your company’s growth. ​


If you are looking to improve your vendor communication, you would greatly benefit from a digital “Go To” person who you can go to with any digital question you may have. This person will lead & consolidate your vendor communication, and they will always stress the importance of your business.

Keeping in contact

Digital accountability

Not only should your business ideas be communicated effectively, but your vendors also need to be held accountable for meaningful results. There are various reporting mechanisms that companies will use to justify their services.


So, how does an individual manage expectations and results from 3rd parties?

Well… it comes with being well versed in existing & new digital marketing strategies. ​


The digital industry is expanding exponentially. For example, Google launches updates to their ad platform almost daily. A dedicated person, who is already immersed in the latest trends, will sift through the noise and provide digestible pieces of information that you can understand along with guiding and educating you to make the best practical decisions. Our goal is for you to feel confident in your business services, and that is why we emphasize accountability.

Digital accountability

How DPM makes the difference

With this dedicated team member, he or she must be a technical expert along with an efficient and effective communicator. You need someone that you can trust for a price your business can afford.  


With a Digital Project Management solution, you will have a dedicated digital project manager that will integrate into all of your digital platforms. He or she will identify the relevant metrics important to each one of your platforms, locate areas of improvement for each service, and focus on what matters most, your business’s ROI and integrity.

About Your

Growth & Development

About our Growth & Development

At DDM, we know growth and development are vital to the success of any company. A digital marketing partner with outstanding integrity standards will create innovative solutions.  Contact us today to find out more about how our partnerships will benefit your business. 

About The


About the One-on-One

One-on-one communication is priceless especially with someone who is knowledgeable and you can trust at a price that is affordable to your business model. Find out more with your own personal digital audit.

Getting started

Interested in learning more?


Click here for a FREE audit of your digital efforts. We will listen to your pain points, explore opportunities, and keep your business goals at the forefront. There is no obligation to receive a personal digital audit, so feel free to sign up now! We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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