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About Us

Our goal is to make the difference for your business by providing you with the online tools, resources, and services your business requires. 

Your success is of the upmost importance to our team because we are passionate about your growth

Who we are

Digital Difference Makers is composed of a team, from different backgrounds, who all converged in marketing. From engineers, computer scientists, fine art designers, and everyone in between, we all came together to build something special. Every member of DDM is united by a passion to provide value to businesses like yours. 

The Digital Difference Makers' value

Value is the key to our success. We use straight-forward problem solving and engineering concepts to analyze businesses, and then we use that analysis to create digital marketing action and connect clients to the correct partners in order to achieve optimum results.

An emphasis on measurement

While each business differs in industry, products, and services, we believe principle-based marketing techniques propel businesses to the next level. The internet advertising industry is rapidly evolving, so while it’s important to have experience, it is of equal or more importance to be agile, adaptable, and to ask the right questions. ​


The DDM team is very selective on partner relations because fostering a meaningful relationship leads to building a foundation to achieve the best results. Openness and honesty are both paramount, and rather than reinventing the marketing wheel we customize it to each individual's business at hand. ​


DDM's mission is to put initiative, intelligence, and integrity into everything we do, and that is why our partners succeed.


The DDM team does a great job and are terrific collaborators. We manufacture and sell the best American flags made but you can't be number one in your industry without a team like DDM.

Tom D'Amico

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We provide the value your business needs to continuously strive and improve. 


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